About Us – Summary

Genos GlycoScience is a research-intensive SME located in Zagreb, Croatia, specialized in high-throughput glycoanalysis. Our main competitive edge is the know-how and experience in performing high throughput studies, ranging from analytical chemistry to study design and statistical data analysis.

The Genos GlycoScience team has a strong background in the development and application of glycoanalytical techniques. Our competence in this field is evident from a growing list of publications in leading scientific journals (over 30 publications in the past 5 years).

We are performing analysis of glycosylation of individual glycoproteins and the total plasma glycome. The analyses are carried out using state of the art analytical equipment and by analysts who have large experience in the field of protein glycosylation. Glycan analysis is gaining importance, particularly after the US National Academies declared it to be the research priority for the next decade. FDA is also increasing stringency for glycosylation profiling and all producers of biological drugs need to perform more detailed glycome profiling.

We coordinated the first large population study of the human plasma glycome, and subsequently also the first study of the human IgG glycome. We are also a major partner in the large international consortium which performed the first genome wide association study of the human glycome. The group has also successfully applied glycomic analysis in various clinical studies.

As a part of research projects financed by the European Union (Framework Programmes), Genos GlycoScience is collaborating with renowned research institutions in Europe and the US (Edinburgh University, Helmholtz Centrum Munchen, Leiden University Medical Centre, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, etc).

For our work in “High throughput glycomics” we have received a number of awards, e.g. The Scientist Magazine ranked Genos as the 1st place to work in industry in its 2013 survey.