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Genos Company

Leader in high-throughput glycomics

Genos Ltd is a research-intensive SME located in Zagreb, Croatia. We are the leading provider of high-throughput glycomics for clinical and epidemiological studies specializing in both single and total plasma protein glycome analysis. Through six FP7 projects and other collaborations we have analysed the human glycome in over 15,000 individuals with diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal carcinoma, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, and systemic lupus erythematous.

In the past six years the glycobiology group in Genos has developed an integrated platform for high-throughput glycomics, which encompasses study design, sample preparation, sample analysis, data QC and finally data analysis and data mining. Through a number of projects and published scientific papers (over 30 publications in the past 6 years) Genos has demonstrated excellence and leadership in the high-throughput glycomics.

Genos has received numerous recognitions and awards for its innovative products, including Charter of the Republic of Croatia for an outstanding economic contribution by commercialization of research results in 2014, National award for creativity and innovativeness in 2014 and national Award for the best commercialized innovation in 2013. Genos was also one of the four finalists in the 2013 Universal Biotech Innovation Prize in Paris. In its 2013 survey, The Scientist magazine ranked Genos as the “Best place to work” for researchers in industry in the world.


“Glycans are directly involved in the pathophysiology of every major disease” … “additional knowledge from glycoscience will be needed to realize the goals of personalized medicine and to take advantage of the substantial investments in human genome and proteome research and its impact on human health”.

Walt, D,et al., Transforming Glycoscience: A Roadmap for the Future.
National Academies Press: Washington, 2012.


Glycans are complex oligosaccharides covalently attached to the backbone of proteins. They significantly contribute to the structure and function of the majority of proteins. Changes in glycans have been reported in many inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases and in cancer where they reflect disease activity, or in some cases even precede the development of disease.

Due to the structural complexity of the glycome and the technological difficulties involved in glycomic analysis, knowledge of the human glycome is lagging significantly behind the knowledge about the genome and the proteome, but in the last few years significant progress has been made. Genos has strongly contributed to this progress by coordinating the first large population study of the human plasma glycome and subsequently also the first study of the human IgG glycome. We are also a major partner in the large international consortium which performed the first genome wide association study of the human glycome. The group has also successfully applied glycomic analysis in various clinical studies, which resulted in five patents and one patent application.