PhD position in bioinformatics available as a part of H2020 project “A Systems Medicine Approach to Chronic Inflammatory Disease (SYSCID)”

As part of the SYSCID initiative (, 13 scientist positions are being established, which we wish to fill with exceptional researchers (m/f) from the fields of medicine, bioinformatics and genetics/genomics. The positions are located in different laboratories across Europe and provide a stimulating collaborative approach within a cutting-edge research environment.

PhD position in Genos

With increasing evidence of importance of glycosylation in various physiological conditions, integrating glycomics with other omics layers (such as SNP variome, methylome, transcriptome and gut microbiome) represents a major focus of our work and provides a step forward in understanding complex mechanisms underlying human diseases. We are seeking a highly-motivated PhD student in data analysis who will join Genos Glycoscience Research Group for a period of four years to work on data mining and omics integration in complex biological problems of chronic inflammation diseases. A successful candidate will work within a vibrant environment of an interdisciplinary team of data analysts, molecular biologists, biochemists and chemists to overcome technical and experimental obstacles in high-throughput glycomics.

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