Thomas Klaric

Dr. Thomas Klarić

Dr. Thomas Klarić graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) in 2005 and obtained a Ph.D. in Genetics at the same institution in 2012 with the dissertation title “Expression and function of Npas4 during early development”. Between 2012 and 2014 he was employed as a postdoctoral researcher in the University of Adelaide Stroke Research Programme where he used rodent models of stroke to investigate the effectiveness of stem cell therapy as a treatment option. In 2014 he was awarded a two year NewFelPro postdoctoral fellowship to work in Genos Ltd. on the Neuroglycome Project where he will be examining the spatio-temporal profile of glycan structures in the primate brain and how they evolve throughout ontogeny. The project is co-financed by the Croatian government and the Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2011-COFUND program.