Frano Vučković

Dr. Frano Vučković

Dr. Frano Vučković graduated Molecular Biology at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science in 2012, and obtained doctoral degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Zagreb in 2016. Since 2012 he is employed at Genos Ltd. working as a data analyst and a researcher in Glycoscience Laboratory. His work has been oriented on  developing new models for integrative analysis of glycomics and other -omics data as part of MIMOmics and IBD-BIOM projects. His main research interest includes development of normalization and batch correction methods for high-throughput glycomics data. He is also involved in research of regulation of IgG N-glycosylation in autoimmune diseases. In 2013 he visited Polyomica Ltd. in Netherlands where he worked on modelling experimental variation using complex statistical approaches such as generalized mixed models and empirical Bayes methods.