Jasminka Krištić

Dr. Jasminka Krištić

Dr. Jasminka Krištić graduated Molecular Biology at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science in 2011, and obtained PhD in Natural Sciences (Biology) from the University of Zagreb in 2018. Since 2012 she is employed at Genos Glycoscience Research Laboratory where she has gained experience in analytical glycobiology, particularly in UPLC analysis of N-glycans. Her research interests include analysis of changes of IgG glycosylation with age and genetic regulation of protein N-glycosylation. Besides experience in the field of glycobiology, she is also familiar with DNA analysis techniques and has experience working in DNA laboratory. As part of work on the international projects, she visited laboratories in Netherlands (Nijmegen) and Scotland (Edinburgh) for training and short-time research. She received the best poster award at the EMBO workshop on Glycobiology that took place in Lisbon, in 2014.